Twittering Tales-47-Lost Memories

#140 Character Tell-Alls Challenge.


Childhood Memories Can Heal Scars Of Heart Too…

Attempt #19


“Mom Look Wht I Found,MARBLE!”

She Took,Closed One Eye n Held It 2wrds Sun.Smile Carved On Her Sad Face.

Childhood Memories Nvr Fail To Do Dat.

-Soul Connection

Story Of My Life. #TLT

For Sonya’s Three Line Tales #3LineTales.

Attempt #8



Photo By Mahdis Mousavi Via Unsplash.

You really want to know How’s My life??

I thought Life was set when I got this dream job, but reality is different than what I dreamt, Friend.

My day begins with meetings and discussions, conferences round the clock I just work.. Work and WORK with No social life left for Me, Just Ups and Downs on the office Triangular stairs that gives me feeling ‘MY LIFE IS TRAPPED IN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE.’

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