One Liner Wednesday- On The Same Path #1linerWeds


Wish That Will Remain Wish Forever…


Wish To Take Time Back And Walk On The Same Path To Rectify Mistakes That Happened Knowingly or Unknowingly Or To Avoid Situations That Became Reasons To Part Away From LoveOnes.

-Soul Connection


Relationship. (Daily Prompt- Translate)



People loves to think or decode  actions according to their own benefits or the way they have decided to think or judge things, situations or peoples. Humans are selfish creature. You can see selfishness with the strangers, known peoples or with their own family and relatives for the profit. 

Some people genuinely misunderstand our words or actions and some pretend or link it to the negative way to hide their own wrongdoings or try to prove how they are always right and make us feel whatever happening with us, because of our own mistake or nature.  They don’t even care the damage their actions must have caused to the relationship.. slowly but surely it will break the bondings forever with their loved ones.

I believe sometimes it’s better to be silent then to argue or explain our side. If ever I have to go from such situation, I will prefer to be silent. I will explain once, twice, maximum thrice.. even after that if their is no change in their behaviour, i will allow them to translate my actions the way they wanted.  I can’t fight or think negative about my own peoples.  Its fine if they Speak negative, talk behind my back.. let them be if that benefits in whatever way. Let them hide things from me, i will neglect n will continue to behave as if i dnt know or i am unaware. if that gives them happiness, let them be happy.

I value relations more than actions. Even if it breaks my heart or cracks appear for a lifetime in the relationship, i will be happy with the fact that it was not from my side.

I Love my peoples even if they don’t.

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I saw many ups and downs in the journey of my life. I met many unknown faces… some became friends, some remain strangers, some stayed for long and still in touch while some left midway of the journey and gone forever.  Some remain loyal, some betrayed, some used me and some benefitted me to craft my beautiful journey to achieve what I desired and dreamt in my life. In either way all have the contribution to help me rise up and craft the beautiful path of life on which I am walking today and ofcourse with that hard work and little luck . Some way or other all that I have met helped me.

No grudges, no hard feelings nothing against anyone. I believe all that I have met in my life’s journey was a lessons, blessings that taught me how to be a better humanbeing. What qualities one should have and one should not. I will continue to make my path beautiful and in this  journey of my life I will keep meeting new faces and try to learn more things as long as I am on this path .

Life is a lesson and we should  keep learning. I will help others to achieve their dream in whatever way I can to craft their path of life in the beautiful way they have desired or dreamt of. I believe the way we think others are lessons or blessings in our life, same way others think about us.

I chose to be blessings in the peoples life.


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SIMPLE. (Daily Prompt).

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Simple 3D Desktop Bakcgorund For Apple37.jpg

Why the world or the society is so judgemental . On every step we are being judged on attire, physical appearance without knowing ones background. How can a stranger judge a passerby or at first meeting simply by having a small chat one comes to know what been gone through till now in life??isn’t it strange… yes it is and in reality we all  judge every known unknown faces or peoples.

I believe ones lifestyle is fully depends on their own choice  or how they wish to spend or  they love to project. Character should not be judged on attire.

In this world one who looks simple might be the one who is spreading the hatred or violence. No one knows whats inside the persons mind and who is hiding what.





TEN LINES OF WISDOM. (Daily Prompt- Ten)

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1. Listen to your inner voice before you take a big step.

2. If something goes wrong don’t quit life… Fix it.

3. Drive Safe… your life is precious , so is others.

4. Everyday make atleast one person happy by small gestures.

5. Be like kid when it comes to enjoy life.. Carefree.

6. Make mistakes but keep the heart to accept it.

7. Never judge someones capability on their physical appearance.

8. Love animals.. little love is what they ask for.

9. You earn for better life.. so Relax and Breathe.

10. Respect Elders.


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In the fast pace life everyone is so busy in their work that many times they miss the small happiness that comes or are waiting in their way. They just neglect and move on as they are so much engrossed in their job that it just get missed.

WAIT… PAUSE… ENJOY… Share happiness, Share smile, Create memories and Spend atleast an hour with your lovedones. In short, don’t oversight family, friends, parents and their love by concentrating only on shaping the carrer.

Your personal life is as much important as your professional life.

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