Story Starter Challenge-Journey Towards Life.


Today’s Sentence: “That was horrifying!”

 The Never Ending Journey From Darkness Towards Life.


She signalled oncoming car to stop and asked for a lift. She was a beautiful young girl all alone at odd hours on a highway. He agreed to drop her.
“What are you doing in the middle of a deserted road at these hour of night.”
“I was left behind by my family and friends.”
“Ohh.. was there many peoples?
“Yeah.” She smiled and replied.
“Mhmm..may be thats why nobody must have noticed you were left behind. Don’t worry, I will drop you home.”
“They knew I am not with them when they left.”
“You think they did deliberatly? You are saying they don’t love or care for you?”
“They loves me too much.. I know.”
“Then why you think they left you all alone like this on the highway road ?”
“Not on the highway road. They left me in cemetery.”
“What?” He looked at her terrified.
“YES. Because.. I am Dead.”
He applied break bringing car on screeching halt.
“Heyy Look… Don’t be scared.”
“You youngsters don’t even see young or old heart before doing such pranks. Spare oldies like me.. You nearly bought me heart attack.”
“That was horrifying.”
“Sorry once again. We reached to the destination. That’s my home. I will get down here. Thank you for the lift.” She got down.
Waving towards her he ignited car and was about to drove when he saw her chain with beautiful blue stone pendent lying on the car seat.
He took the pendent and got out of car to call her but she was already gone. He walked towards the home where she had pointed and rang doorbell.
“Hello, can you give these chain to the girl who just came? I mean I gave her lift in my car  that time my eyes caught these beautiful pendent she was wearing and it might came off accidentally and fell on the car seat.  I am in a hurry. Thank you ” He handed chain to the lady and left.
“How is that possible? This was her favourite pendant and it was around her neck when she was burried today noon.” Her mom was staring at a pendent in horror.

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales- Grown Up Kid #280characters Tell-Alls Challenge


Life Is Serious Then Lets Add Some Fun.


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“Cm In My Child”

Follwng Voice She Wlkd 2wrds Table Wr Cards Ws Scattered

“Dis Is Ur Lyf.U Gng To Rule World”

She Smiled Bt Seeing No One Wlkd 2wrds Door

“WAIT.Bt Its Psbl Only If U R Almghty”

Cnfusd She TurnAround n Saw Her”Whn Wl U Behve Lyk Grwn Up MOM”

Lghng”Lyf Is To Njy.So NEVER”


-Soul Connection




Few days ago I was waiting for my friend. My eyes caught an old couple on the road. They were too old to even walk without support. Holding each others hands, slowly and carefully taking small steps.  They were buying vegetables, counting money that must have left with them and checking into their bag everything they needed was bought or is their anything they forgot.

While watching this aged couple a thought crept into my mind that even at this age of enjoying a relaxed retired tensionfree life , they had  to come out to buy vegetables and whatever they needed. Where are their childrens?? Is it their own decision or no choice left with them but to take care of everything they need on their own?
I looked at them and they doesn’t seem happy doing all this . Instead they looked tired, worried and scared. Tired of holding bags, worried about everything they needed were bought or forgot something and what if they have to come out again. Scared of traffics around them.

If they were abondoned by their own childrens, I don’t understand how can people find their aged parents as a liability.  Agreed Not everyone leave their parents and I myself have seen many grownup childrens who love their aged parents and do whatever possible to keep them happy. But there are some peoples  who forgot that because of these aged parents they are in this world and  whatever they achieved today in this society.  Parents gave them good education, support and whatever they needed in their life. How can they forget selfless love and care they received from them in their childhood.

Parents are next to God. They bought us in this world and it’s our duty to take care when they are old and need our love and support. I personally think childrens payback time starts once they start earning. I know we can never repay the love, care  and sacrifices they had done for us. Never forget Whatever we are today we got from our parents.. it’s selfless. How can people forget that it’s their duty to take care of their aged parents. Little care, love and respect is not a big thing they expect from their grownup children.

Remember everyone going to be old one day and what if our childrens treat us the same way?? What if tommorrow they leave us just because we are old.. Do old peoples don’t have emotions and sentiments? Do old peoples don’t feel pain in their heart when their own kids treat them wrong or get irritated by their mere voice?

Whenever I get a chance I always help aged peoples in a small way like by helping them to cross the road, sometimes just a small conversation while waiting for bus or during morning or evening stroll at park. It makes my day beautiful, makes me feel blessed and lucky.

I believe karma exists. Abondon your parents, your child will treat you the same.

Little things I wish everyone should follow:-

Love your parents. Respect aged peoples known or stranger.
Before leaving home give a warm Hug to your parents  and the sweet smile on their face will brighten your whole day.
Everyday Spare some time to spend with your parents.
Their blessings will make your life beautiful.
Lucky are those who have their parents with them. Respect and give them the love and care that they deserve.


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