Thursday Photo Prompt- Rebirth# writephoto


Weekend Trip was planned by High School friends after a long time. Next Day Early morning they decided to trek in the nearby Woodland. With Warm Sunrays, cool breeze and in a playful mood everyone was enjoying pleasant walk in the nature, But no one noticed she was silent, lost in her own thoughts walking behind them, who was in a fun mood before they took sharp turn in the jungle.

She felt deep connection with the place. Suddenly she stopped at one particular point.

One friend noticed she was standing still far behind them and staring at a distant. He called her name, but no response. Curious other friends rushed back where she was standing to find out the reason.

One friend-

“What happend?? What are You Staring at?”


“I came here before too… I knew these place. 

Everyone startled by her reply as they all were visiting for the first time in their life including her. Famous for her mischievious behaviour in the group, they thought she was trying to scare.

One Of Her Friend-

“We know you Dear, Stop playing prank on us…(laughing) See.. we all got scared. Now lets move ahead???”

Suddenly,the look on her face changed. She turned and pointed on her left side,

“There…” She said and paused staring at the same spot.  Expressions on her face was stern, her deep lost eyes made them uncomfortable. They turned their gaze to the direction she was pointing. They saw nothing.

One Friend-

” What is there? We don’t see anything.

She Calmly Said, “I was murdered here at these place and buried behind that Big tree. My murderer kept a big stone above my grave and written 1st February, 1989. Today is the same date. Go and see yourself.”

Shocked and scared they all went behind the tree where she was pointing to check whatever she said was truth or cooked up story. To their horror, there was actually a big stone on which same date was painted. Slowly, she came towards them and kept staring at the stone. Few minutes later she looked at her friends frightened face and started laughed loudly. They kept staring her in horror.


“How was my performance my lovely  friends?” And laughed again. She continued,”Relax. It was just a prank. I came here when you all were walking ahead and saw these stone on which date was written. I cooked up the story and you all got fooled.”

Her scared now angry friends cursed her, but at the same time was relieved to see their friend alright. She apologised everyone for her scarry prank. Once normal they came on the straight lane and resumed their trek.

While moving ahead and enjoying with friends in light fun filled atmosphere, she glanced behind at the same spot. There was the same depth in her eyes with stern angry face.

She uttered to herself, “I will come back soon to take revenge of my murder. May be thats why we never shared good relationship.”

(With mysterious smile) “Dad… One trek with you next weekend at the same place.. Just.. You n Me.”

-Soul Connection

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday-Restless Mind #SoCS


Friday Prompt For Stream Of Consciousness Saturday Is “Hot/Cold.” Use One, Use Both, Bonus Points If You Start Your Post With One And End With The Other.


Hot cup of coffee and fresh flowers on the table added beauty to the morning atmosphere with Aroma of Icense Sticks burning aside gave calming effect. She recently added meditation session in her morning routine to flush out tensions and negative thoughts from her mind.

The incident she had witnessed last week while returning from her late night shift was unable  to flush out from her mind. She saw one man gagged woman’s mouth and another stabbed her to death. She screamed and ran from there which attracted killers attention who followed her. Since that day her life changed. Everytime she felt someone was following her, Sometimes she could hear knocks and whispers outside her appartment. Her best friend suggested her to practice meditation to keep out negative thoughts from her mind.  It showed positive effect on her and even hepled her to keep her mind calm and relaxed. Since then she used to practice meditation every morning.

Few hours later, her cellular rang but no one answered, Later door bell rang followed by few more knocks, but no one opened the door. Her worried friend decided to inform her mother that they were supposed to meet today, but she was not receiving her call nor answering doorbell. Tensed her mother reached her appartment with duplicate keys. When they entered the room, they were relieved to see her lying on a yoga mat still practicing meditation.

When they moved towards her, her friend screamed pointing at the mark on her neck. Someone had chocked her to death. Her mother quickly knelt down to check on her pulse, But Her body was Ice cold.

-Soul Connection


Thursday photo prompt-Mask#writephoto


The Mystery Man.


Her friends had arranged bonfire party at nearby beach just for her. At first she was afraid to join them because of the threatening messages and calls she was receiving from an unknown number since last few days. Then she thought it will be a good change and was ready to join them.

The party was in full swing with bonfire, music, drinks, foods. Other groups who were partying nearby too joined them. The plan had worked out as she was enjoying the moment and look stress free. Mask dance was the highlight of the party as one friend came up with this unique game.

The rule was everyone should wear masks before music starts and the game was everyone should choose unknown dancing partner that is without checking the person behind the mask and stick together till song ends. Game begins…  She chose her partner, rather he directly walked towards her, took her hand and started dancing. Few minutes later he grabbed her waist little tight, that made her uncomfortable, she tried to see the face behind the mask, but in vain. Then he slowly moved ahead and kissed her neck. she was trying to relieve herself from his tight grip but failed. No one noticed her struggle as everyone around was enjoying the dance.

He whispered in her ear, “Caught You…” and stabbed her. Song Over, Music stopped, She fell down. Her friends rushed towards her lifeless body. The murderer vanished in the darkness throwing the mask in the bonfire.

The Darkest Night. (Daily Prompt- Buff)

I Wish To Take Time Back.


He was known as intelligent, soft spoken, well behaved introvert person in his group. Everyone believed he will be the most successfull among them. Life was beautiful with good job, rich family and lovely girlfriend. Everything was perfect till that unfateful night came in his life.

From last few days, he and his girlfriend was going through rough phase in their relationship. She wanted to settle down since they were together from the last five years and he was now doing great in his professional life. But he wanted some more time before any committment. With no solution to this problem, they decided to give each other some space and see where future takes them.

During this period, she met a handsome guy and started dating him. She even started avoiding his calls and used to rarely revert his messages. He came to know about her closeness with another man. He called her and went to meet her to confront her face to face. When he reached her home at night after job hours, she calmly told him that everything between them is over from her side and she had already moved on.

The casual attitude towards their relationship made him furious and he slapped her so hard that she hit her head on the wall and fell down on the ground unconscious. When he saw she was not moving and blood oozing out from her head, he tried to wake her up, but she was already dead.

He sat down staring at her lifeless body for sometime. Few minutes later he got up and bought a mop and large suitcase from inside. He stuffed her body in the suitcase and buffed the floor till blood stains disappeared. He kept the suitcase in the garage and drove off home.

Two days later the news of her murder spread everywhere. Her friends rushed to her place including him. Her new boyfriend was already present there with her family. Police started their interrogation. He was standing silent at one corner with his friends. Her new love told police that three days earlier, she had told him her ex boyfriend got furious knowing about their relationship and was coming to meet her at home. That was the last conversation happened between them. After that whenever he called her cell phone went unanswered. Today he came to check on her and this came to light.

He freezed on the spot. He thought no one knew about their meeting but she had shared everything with her new boyfriend. Friends were shocked when they heard the statement. Police came towards him and asked him about their meeting. He broke down and confessed killing her accidently. He told them he was scared to break this news to anyone or to call police. His intension was not to kill her and that he loved her too much to lose for someone else. He was angry but never hated her to murder her. He was arrested and with that his bright future pushed in to the darkness forever.

via Daily Prompt: Buff

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