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Source Of Happiness…

written on these weeks prompt- Sealing.

Attempt #4

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Every weekend he posts letter at nearby postbox and every week he used to receive sealed envelope. It was like a ritual that he eagerly waits for the letter and when it arrives he Smilingly accepts opens and enjoy reading in front of his friends.

One day his friend said, “You are really lucky to have a loving and caring Son who writes for you once in every week. ” Nodding his head with a Smile he got up and went to his room. He closed the door, opened his note pad and started writing…

To World’s Best Dad, ….

In the End He wrote,

Missing You. Take Care… See You Soon.

While sealing the Envelope he said to Himself, If My Son really cared For Me then I would have been with him not at the Old Age Care Centre…

If My Son ever had Loved me truly then I never had written letter to myself just to imagine or feel what’s it’s be like to be loved by own children.

He wiped his tears and went to post letter for himself… like every weekend.


Think Before You Preach.(Daily Prompt-Hesitate)

Once I Am Gone…. I am Gone.


When He proposed His Girlfriend of Three Years for Marriage, She kept One condition before accepting His beautiful ring… His Parents will not stay with them after marriage.

Not expected this answer from her, he kept staring at the ring he was holding in his hand, mind occupied with the thought of his loving , caring, ever smiling parents who always believe in sharing happiness. How can he go home and tell them about the condition that was kept by his girlfriend, who are eagerly waiting to hear the answer. How can he ask them to leave their home, because his would be wife don’t want them after marriage.

He made up his mind and put the ring back in to his pocket once again and said, “I am sure I will Find Someone who will equally love my parents as I love them. I want to spend my life with the one who understands me, respects my parents and who knows my happiness lies where my parents are. All these years neither you understood me, nor I do.” Saying this He walked away.

Shocked She kept staring at him. She wanted to say something, but hesitated as she knew her condition was not at all appropriate. She wanted to stop Him, but He was already Gone.

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

TEN LINES OF WISDOM. (Daily Prompt- Ten)

via Daily Prompt: Ten


1. Listen to your inner voice before you take a big step.

2. If something goes wrong don’t quit life… Fix it.

3. Drive Safe… your life is precious , so is others.

4. Everyday make atleast one person happy by small gestures.

5. Be like kid when it comes to enjoy life.. Carefree.

6. Make mistakes but keep the heart to accept it.

7. Never judge someones capability on their physical appearance.

8. Love animals.. little love is what they ask for.

9. You earn for better life.. so Relax and Breathe.

10. Respect Elders.



No matter how successful you become in your life. If you forget the one who help you to take the first step towards carving your beautiful and secured life.. your success is incomplete .

Parents are the one who deserves the credit for your successful life. Never forget  or abondon your parents because today  you have what you dreamt of. Even if you have everything in the life that doesn’t mean you don’t need  your parents. Money will never buy the selfless love and care one get from their  parents. Yes you will be crowded by peoples around you but don’t forget they are because today  you are rich and successful.
The biggest treasure is parents and old friends. Never leave behind  parents and old friends. They knows you when you were no one. They will stand by you in every situation you will face good or bad. If you fall they will hold you not the one who are with you today because of your success.

The blessings of parents and the love from the loved ones will make your successful life more beautiful.

via Daily Prompt: Successful




Few days ago I was waiting for my friend. My eyes caught an old couple on the road. They were too old to even walk without support. Holding each others hands, slowly and carefully taking small steps.  They were buying vegetables, counting money that must have left with them and checking into their bag everything they needed was bought or is their anything they forgot.

While watching this aged couple a thought crept into my mind that even at this age of enjoying a relaxed retired tensionfree life , they had  to come out to buy vegetables and whatever they needed. Where are their childrens?? Is it their own decision or no choice left with them but to take care of everything they need on their own?
I looked at them and they doesn’t seem happy doing all this . Instead they looked tired, worried and scared. Tired of holding bags, worried about everything they needed were bought or forgot something and what if they have to come out again. Scared of traffics around them.

If they were abondoned by their own childrens, I don’t understand how can people find their aged parents as a liability.  Agreed Not everyone leave their parents and I myself have seen many grownup childrens who love their aged parents and do whatever possible to keep them happy. But there are some peoples  who forgot that because of these aged parents they are in this world and  whatever they achieved today in this society.  Parents gave them good education, support and whatever they needed in their life. How can they forget selfless love and care they received from them in their childhood.

Parents are next to God. They bought us in this world and it’s our duty to take care when they are old and need our love and support. I personally think childrens payback time starts once they start earning. I know we can never repay the love, care  and sacrifices they had done for us. Never forget Whatever we are today we got from our parents.. it’s selfless. How can people forget that it’s their duty to take care of their aged parents. Little care, love and respect is not a big thing they expect from their grownup children.

Remember everyone going to be old one day and what if our childrens treat us the same way?? What if tommorrow they leave us just because we are old.. Do old peoples don’t have emotions and sentiments? Do old peoples don’t feel pain in their heart when their own kids treat them wrong or get irritated by their mere voice?

Whenever I get a chance I always help aged peoples in a small way like by helping them to cross the road, sometimes just a small conversation while waiting for bus or during morning or evening stroll at park. It makes my day beautiful, makes me feel blessed and lucky.

I believe karma exists. Abondon your parents, your child will treat you the same.

Little things I wish everyone should follow:-

Love your parents. Respect aged peoples known or stranger.
Before leaving home give a warm Hug to your parents  and the sweet smile on their face will brighten your whole day.
Everyday Spare some time to spend with your parents.
Their blessings will make your life beautiful.
Lucky are those who have their parents with them. Respect and give them the love and care that they deserve.





HOUSEWIFE… A word many men wants to use less or never in their life.  I don’t understand why the term housewife is given less importance compared to working women. Is it like if a woman chose to be at home to look after the members of her family, her place all by herself termed as less importance than choosing a position in Companies?? Why do most husbands feel degraded introducing their wives in get together or any parties as a housewife.
It’s nothing like if she choose not to work outside at companies or industries after marriage means she is less educated or doesn’t have skills etc etc… I will say those who chose to be a housewife actually chose a full time or 24/7 job. Yes some choose to do buisness from home simultaniously but i think it’s totally women’s call. They should have that independence.
It needs lots of patience, attention and skills to look after everything. Men should understand that unknowingly or knowingly because of this housewife your life is moving smoothly personally as well as professionally.
Men must have experienced if one day wife is ill or gone out for couple of days, most of them can’t even find their kerchief or socks or say important files. Right??
I respect working women too and I agree they handles both home and office and i respect their passion. That’s the power women have..to juggle between work perfectly.
My intension to write specifically about housewives is because I personally have seen many men feels awkward saying my wife don’t work or she is a housewife. Even some men doesn’t take them for outing with friends or some parties. Men should understand the importance of being their wives as a housewife and her sacrifices. They should feel proud that you got a woman in your life who chose you, your parents, your house over her carrer after marriage. Respect her decision. Feel proud to introduce her as a HOUSEWIFE.






“Life is beautiful when we were kids.” This line is said and agreed by almost everyone in this world. We know that Kids enjoy life to the fullest. They don’t care who thinks what about their actions or the way they enjoy little things around them and that’s the way life should be enjoyed. CAREFREE.

But did anyone gave a thought that life can still be more beautiful and stressfree if we don’t kill that child we all have inside us. Laugh your heart out, Be you, enjoy funny incidents, see the fun happening around us and  be kid with kids. Forget all your worries and do what your heart loves to… just like kids. Don’t think about the reactions others will give you. JUST ENJOY. Everyone loves to have fun, but the thing is everyone cares too much about what others will think or say. Agree??

On Children’s day lets promise ourself that whenever we get a chance to laugh or to enjoy life, we will bring out the kid that resides inside us. Let that kid come out and have fun the way heart feels. Lets not think about the reactions. Just enjoy Life. Let that child inside you comes out sometimes, whenever he/she gets a chance.





The two caring hands hold him for the first time. Happiness knew no boundaries of this proud parents. Days passed by and the journey of the new born begins. They hold his hand and helped him to take the first step of his life. The caring hands protects him when was about to fall. The scared baby cried a lot on the first day of his school. The first foundation of his carrer ‘Education’ started. The caring hands took him lovingly to learn the first alphabet of his life. They followed him, helped him in every stage of his life. Whenever he needs them, they stood by his side sacrificing their needs. His dreams became the first priority for this couple.
As years passed by, today this caring hands needs love, care, support in their life. Alone they supported each other for their daily chores. One day their baby now a young, educated and successful man holds their hand, took them out and helped them to sit in a car for a long drive. That day once again old parents happiness knew no boundaries. Car stops. Journey of the caring hands , the proud parents ends up in old age home.




It’s 5.30am . He got up to get ready as usual. After bath he fumbled through his wardrobe and took out a decent shirt and trousser. The wardrobe never got changed in the last few years. A quick breakfast and grabbing a ready tiffin on the table he walked out of the house glancing at the sleeping kids. A man who never shows his love and care by words but deep inside he truly cares for everyone .

Like everyday father got ready to go to office to secure the life of his lovedones.


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