Thursday Photo Prompt- Autumn Falls #writephoto


Memories Never Goes Away..


Walking towards path of future
Leaving behind sweet n sour past
Moving ahead towards A new life..
Where Colorful tomorrow Awaits.

The Autumn falls on new path,
Like past Events trying to hold back.
In the corner of my heart n’ mind,
Memories will live till last breathe.

Bitter, sweet, sour..they will remain in me,
Always holding special place…
As life is nothing but creation of memories
That stays forever within us even if people left.

-Soul Connection

Thoughts On Life #feelings #Life

#Short Reads


Time Flies and We don’t realise how fast until and unless one day we start missing someone, something and think about the events, peoples and moments.

We realise things that was common in those times are now precious to us.
Life never stops surprising us. When we are so busy in our own world, life gives one blow and that one blow makes us realize what we are missing.. what we left behind…. what we think a small things and neglects are actually the moments of happiness.
Let’s not neglect small things saying its common. Those small things are actually the precious memories we are creating to cherish tomorrow.
Life is beautiful if we are surrounded by our peoples… Without them there is nothing.. to share happiness, to support us in trying times. Lets take out few minutes everyday for our loved ones. These small investment will definitely fill life with happiness in future.. After all happiness is what we need in life.

-Soul Connection

Exploration Challenge-Untapped Ability


Attempt #2

Love To Know The Old World


Secret Abilities Unknowingly Hides Somewhere In The Corner Of The Heart. Heart whispers every now n then .. ‘Come on Lets Give A Try’ Or ‘ Lets Do It.. ‘ but Something Holds Back. We know we have the ability that needs a tapping. Few lucky gets the chance accidently and few avoids even after knowing it just need a tapping to discover.

I got signal little late. My interest lies in Ancient Things. I Love History. I get hooked when something related to old I stumble upon on sites, books, news…

Anything about Ancient places, monuments, peoples, extint birds, animals, coins and lists goes on… I spend hours reading about it. My interest lies more on what happened in Ancient period rather than What’s happening currently in the world..ūüėČ

I believe I would have been A Great Archaeologist who examines ancient sites and objects to learn about the past. Ancient Temples, Churches, Forts fascinates me the most. I love to read story about the motive behind the structures, their creation,importance of their existance in that period. My fascination incline towards how people used to survive in that period, how life came on earth, their livelihood everything. It’s so vast.

That is my Untapped Ability… To Be A Great Archaeologist or Historian that I don’t know will ever get tapped or not but One thing m sure that My Interest In The Past will never Decline… It Will Keep Growing With Each Passing Time.

One Liner Wednesday- My Confusion. #1linerWeds.


Attempt #1


Everyone is so busy with their work that no one has time to chin up and relax for few minutes and surprisingly everyone is thinking the same way like why humans in these world is so busy that they don’t have time to least exchange smiles…. That sometimes I doubt are we really are busy or just pretend to be…

My First Attempt on One Liner Wednesday dedicated to The Powerful Humanbeing.¬†Humans… the most complex animal on earth. Different personalities, habits, likes, dislikes and most intelligent. To understand what runs in human’s mind is next to impossible. No one knows what is going through in one’s mind… what is hidden behind one’s smile.¬†


Outlook. (Daily Prompt- Ordinary)

Sometimes even a normal day gives an unforgetable memory to treasure for life… 

sometimes An illiterate teaches the most important and valueable lessons of life.

Sometimes the Smile and satisfaction on the face of poor proves that the real meaning of happiness doesnt lie in luxuaries..

The truth is we dont need a special day or occassion,  but Ordinary day, peoples or situation can make any day special or full of happiness. change the outlook towards life and see the changes.  Afterall attitude matters the most.

 The way you look at the world, what you attract inside you weather it’s  positivity or negativity that is more important. Understand this simple things in life  then everyday will be special, happy and memorable.
via Daily Prompt: Ordinary

The Real Flavour Of Life. (Daily Prompt- Arid)

Is This Really Worth??


Living a Life in a fast paced city is hectic. Away from the family, alone in the city to chase dreams. Rush morning hours, No personal Life, fun and little emotions, sentiments… it’s like leading a robotic life.

While leading a luxuary life in the city having everything around us.. money, fame, designation, but we never notice ¬†the heart without feelings, life without fun, brain always occupied with work sometimes even when we are travelling to the beautiful destinations. In short Life has became a competition. Sometimes question arise.. Are we really living a life that we dreamt of… is this an achievement???

Love restricted to material things, life away from lovedones. This kind of life is nothing less than an Arid land. A land without Rain of Love or Storms of Emotions and Life without Lovedones around. The house has became big but peoples have no time to spend time with loved ones.

via Daily Prompt: Arid




I hold you in my womb happily.

Took all the pains smilingly.

I forgot all those sufferings,

when I first time took you in my arms.

Though I hold you nine months inside me,

Your father too had sleepless nights.

The concerns, the tensions he never showed.

But I understood his unspoken feelings.

Holding our fingers in your tiny hands,

With trembling feet you took the shaky steps.

And now that You are a grownup man.

You left us alone in our old age time.

That doesn’t made our love for you less or gone.

My son just answer one question.

When you were small you need us, we were there,

To hold you, help you everytime.

Answer me my little baby,

Now that you don’t need us anymore,

Who will hold our hands firmly.

To support us, help us and

To hold our fragile body,

Who will Help us to stand on

trembling legs and be our cane.

via Daily Prompt: Tremble





I saw many ups and downs in the journey of my life. I met many unknown faces… some became friends, some remain strangers, some stayed for long and still in touch while some left midway of the journey and gone forever. ¬†Some remain loyal, some betrayed, some used me and some benefitted me to craft my beautiful journey to achieve what I desired and dreamt in my life. In either way all have the contribution to help me rise up and craft the beautiful path of life on which I am walking today and ofcourse with that hard work and little luck . Some way or other all that I have met helped me.

No grudges, no hard feelings nothing against anyone. I believe all that I have met in my life’s journey was a lessons, blessings that taught me how to be a better humanbeing. What qualities one should have and one should not. I will continue to make my path beautiful and in this ¬†journey of my life I will keep meeting new faces and try to learn more things as long as I am on this path .

Life is a lesson and we should  keep learning. I will help others to achieve their dream in whatever way I can to craft their path of life in the beautiful way they have desired or dreamt of. I believe the way we think others are lessons or blessings in our life, same way others think about us.

I chose to be blessings in the peoples life.


via Daily Prompt: Craft






Everytime when untoward incident happens with any girl or women at any corner of the world, fingers are raised on her or that women is being ¬†judged first. Questions like why was she their at first place or what was she doing there at this hour or why was she with them and it goes on n on n on… ¬†In reality men should resist their actions against women which destroy her life forever, but instead of that We see most of the time blames are put on the victim.

First everyone shows sympathy and then will say after dark girls should never venture out alone or with guys. And if the incident happened in broad day light then most of them will pointout on her clothes or sometimes directly on her character.

I always wonder why???why women are easy targets when men are at fault.. why no one question that male who is a criminal..who misbehaves with the ladies..who openly does  eve teasing on road or at public place openly, but public chose to ignore rather than to resist their actions. No one pointout on their upbringing or character but asks women to be extra careful.

I am against this society thinking that indirectly protect accused and to follow this norms of being tied or confined girls at home after dark because some ill men on road can’t resist their urge after spotting women in the late night alone.

Instead of setting norms for girls about what to do and what not to do.. teach men to respect women. Teach boys to respect girls in their growing years.. Let them know women are not the easy targets and they too have life and loves to enjoy their share of happiness to the fullet without any fear. women too are from the same society as men and we too have equal right to live life the way we want.

Real men is the one who  protect the women who is alone on the road rather than misbehave with her.

via Daily Prompt: Resist

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