One Liner Wednesday- Wish #1linerWeds


Sometimes Something In Life Is Difficult To Ignore.


Sometimes I Wish To Possess The Power To Delete Memories About Me Completely From Some Peoples Mind So That Once Again We Can Be Stranger To Each Other.

-Soul Connection


Thursday Photo Prompt- Ocean n Human #writephoto


I Envy You..


Sitting On The Edge Of A High Rock,

Jealous Of The Vast Ocean..

I Screamed At The Beautiful Sea

Without Its Fault.

Not Blaming Myself Too..


Situation And My Helplessness.

I Envy On The Deep Sea, As It Has The Unique Gift..

To Throw Out Everything, That Doesn’t Want Inside Him.

I Wish I Too Has The Power To Flush Out..

Bad Memories That Keeps Me Hurting.

The More I Try To Get Rid Of,

The More It Grips Me Tight.

Snatching Away My Peace..

Leaves Me All Broken From Inside.

I Envy On The Beautiful Ocean..

For The Power It Has..

To Throw Filthy Things Out Everyday.

Massive, Aggressive Big Waves ..

Clashes On The Rocks.

Angry, Fury, Dangerous ..

With Roaring Scarry Sound.

 Leaving Behind Everything,

Unwanted On The Shore..

It Slowly Starts Ebbying,

Calm, Clean And Glittering, 



-Soul Connection

I Will… (Daily Prompt- Quicken)

Journey Towards Freedom.


Days and Nights Passing Too Fast,

I still need to figure out.

The way to dump this chained life,

And move towards the Freedom Path.

This is not I dreamt My life to be,

I need to Quicken the way out of it.

No one can stop Me on My dream journey,

Not even this chained life that forced on Me.

No chain have the strength to prison Me,

I am a free bird who will find a way,

To fly away and touch the sky…

I am the Woman with hidden power,

That is still unknown to the World.

The more you try to push Me down,

The more I will Rise Up and Shine.


via Daily Prompt: Quicken

Photo Challenge: Resilient.


The strength, the courage women tshows in trying period or  even after facing a difficult situation and the way she bounce back is commendable. Don’t understand why it’s said that women can’t handle pain the way men can. Yes she is sensitive, but not weak. She shed tears alot, but she knows when to stand rock solid and handle the situation. She is the strong pillar who holds the family together. She loves to spread smile and protect her lovedones and loves to live life carefree.
Today my post on Resilent is dedicated to all the women in the world. To the support system of these universe … This last post of the year 2016 is for you,  your strength,spirit and the way you bounce back from the problems. More power to you.







via Photo Challenge: Resilient




“Life is beautiful when we were kids.” This line is said and agreed by almost everyone in this world. We know that Kids enjoy life to the fullest. They don’t care who thinks what about their actions or the way they enjoy little things around them and that’s the way life should be enjoyed. CAREFREE.

But did anyone gave a thought that life can still be more beautiful and stressfree if we don’t kill that child we all have inside us. Laugh your heart out, Be you, enjoy funny incidents, see the fun happening around us and  be kid with kids. Forget all your worries and do what your heart loves to… just like kids. Don’t think about the reactions others will give you. JUST ENJOY. Everyone loves to have fun, but the thing is everyone cares too much about what others will think or say. Agree??

On Children’s day lets promise ourself that whenever we get a chance to laugh or to enjoy life, we will bring out the kid that resides inside us. Let that kid come out and have fun the way heart feels. Lets not think about the reactions. Just enjoy Life. Let that child inside you comes out sometimes, whenever he/she gets a chance.


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