DARK LOVE . (Daily Prompt- LUSH)



Darkness has it’s own beauty… hypnotic and mysterious. Once you fall in love with the darkness,  nothing can match the joy and the happiness the soul will experience in the dark night. You will love to spend lonely time to a place that has its own night charm. A place where you will love to enjoy peace, pure beauty, secrets that night holds.

I love darkness.. darkness that holds mystery, secrets  to reveal us. Be it a place on top of the hill or a path of dense green trees, beautiful beach or dense forest.

I always imagine to be somewhere In the dark night with the twinkling stars, clouds playing hide and seek with the beautiful moon. A soft moonlight and the hauntingly beautiful deep sea. The sound of the waves and the gust of wind. An errie silence in the lush green woods that surrounds the beach. Wandering in the lush green paths in the soft moonlight or just sitting on a sand enjoying sound of the waves of the sea that is invisible in the dark.

Alone with the nature with no disturbances around. One night without anyone . No tensions, no connections to the outside world… Just me and the beautiful dark beauty of the night.

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SIMPLE. (Daily Prompt).

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Simple 3D Desktop Bakcgorund For Apple37.jpg

Why the world or the society is so judgemental . On every step we are being judged on attire, physical appearance without knowing ones background. How can a stranger judge a passerby or at first meeting simply by having a small chat one comes to know what been gone through till now in life??isn’t it strange… yes it is and in reality we all  judge every known unknown faces or peoples.

I believe ones lifestyle is fully depends on their own choice  or how they wish to spend or  they love to project. Character should not be judged on attire.

In this world one who looks simple might be the one who is spreading the hatred or violence. No one knows whats inside the persons mind and who is hiding what.





AESTHETIC.(Daily Prompt)


Once in a lifetime everyone falls in love, The real true love. Now a days we see teenage puppy love happening around us, Today together, tommorrow breakup. It’s an attraction that happens in a particular age and that’s normal. what is not right is the vulgarity that is displayed in the name of love, that is PDA.
Love is a beautiful feeling. To express the real love one doesn’t need to showcase their feelings by touching, kissing or going beyond that in a full public view. Real love never ask all this and true lovers will never do such things. It’s just an infactuation which couples think they are madly in love. Love can’t happen in a day or two. Agreed we say LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, Yes we get attracted to one person at first sight but that is attraction not love. Love grows slowly… Love is soul to soul connection more than mere physical attraction.
Falling in love is not a bad thing or any crime. But due to such PDA people raise their eyebrows if someone says I AM IN LOVE or THIS WEEKEND ME AND MY LOVE GOING TO SPEND TIME ALONE.  That’s not wrong but the way today love is displayed is not right.
Love is pure. Couples are confused with physical attraction and emotional attachment.
Love is beautiful.. express it beautifully, aesthetically.


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