The Silent Tear.

Heart Of A Mother

“It’s A GIRL” Doctor screamed cheerfully. 

Smiling, She Opened Her Eyes.

Harsh reality Crushed her beautiful dream, When She saw hospital Bed and Empty Swing.

Tears started flowing silently from her eyes for her Unborn… 

The harsh reality with a searing pain in the heart, hit her hard and will grow with each passing days. She now has to live with it.

A pain that is unavoidable…

Pain That Only Mother can feel…

A Silent tear will keep flowing from her eyes for her baby, till her last breathe.


via Daily Prompt: Privacy


SHHhhh… Be silent mind…

Wait till the midnight falls.

The thoughts and fights with the heart…

You continue in the privacy of the dark night.

Mind.. you always wants to win..

But you never understand

Heart is where my happiness lies.

Heart knows my Love is my Life..

You say, ‘Love is all Lies’.

You don’t care With your harsh words..

Tears flow every time from my eyes ..

In the privacy of the silent night.

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