Lone Girl From Little Town. #shortreads #confident #strong

A Strength Of A Woman.


She Walked Out Proudly With Sparkle In Her Eyes, Wearing High Heels, Smile On Her Face And Dertermination In Her Mind… Who Cares Who Thinks What, Now That She Decided To Follow Voice Of Her Heart.

Right, Wrong, Sane, Insane Keep On Saying … Now That She Knows Goal Of Her Life, Nothing Can Stop Her As She Was Born To Fly High.

She knows The Journey Of Life Will Be Difficult And Challenging From Here … But To Chase Down Her Dream, She Needs To Walk Alone On An Unknown Path.

She Has To Face Right And Wrong Situations Being A Lone Woman In The World.. But She Knew Her Limitations and Strength She Has Within Her.

She Believe Once She Touch The Sky… These Same Society That Disowns Today Will Say, ‘YOU MADE US PROUD IN EVERY WAY.’

She Believe Heart Never Lies And Once She Cross All The Obstacles And Hurdles … Ahead A Beautiful Life Waiting To Embrace Her.

-Soul Connection

Photo Challenge: Resilient.


The strength, the courage women tshows in trying period or  even after facing a difficult situation and the way she bounce back is commendable. Don’t understand why it’s said that women can’t handle pain the way men can. Yes she is sensitive, but not weak. She shed tears alot, but she knows when to stand rock solid and handle the situation. She is the strong pillar who holds the family together. She loves to spread smile and protect her lovedones and loves to live life carefree.
Today my post on Resilent is dedicated to all the women in the world. To the support system of these universe … This last post of the year 2016 is for you,  your strength,spirit and the way you bounce back from the problems. More power to you.







via Photo Challenge: Resilient

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