Discover Challenge: The Greatest inspiration in the World.


The greatest inspiration is the SUN in the world. There is so much to learn from Sun…

For me SUN is the perfect example for humanbeings to learn how to lead life in the real way. It’s the greatest inspiration for the world.

Everyday Sun rises.. spreads light, gives life to the world, wakes up everyone.. then sets.  When it sets sky looks beautiful  just like it was during the sunrise. Thats the beautiful inspiration every humanbeing should take from the sun.we always say or heard that NATURE IS THE GREAT TEACHER. When sun rises or sets it makes the sky beautifully gold and that sight lifts our mood instantly making us forget all our worries. Just the same way when you are in happy or in sad phase make your life worth living by spreading happiness around you or by helping the needy.

Sun knows it has to set but that doesn’t stop him from rising again. Same way ups and downs in life should never stop humanbeings from living worthy life. One obstacle should never make you change your destinations or decisions.. rise up and go on again. Keep trying till you succeed.

Sun burns in his own fire..but that fire keeps him alive. Feel the heat of problems but don’t stop..that fire will lead you towards a beautiful life that you have dreamt of. Be a inspiration for the world not an example of failure.


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