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Weekend Trip was planned by High School friends after a long time. Next Day Early morning they decided to trek in the nearby Woodland. With Warm Sunrays, cool breeze and in a playful mood everyone was enjoying pleasant walk in the nature, But no one noticed she was silent, lost in her own thoughts walking behind them, who was in a fun mood before they took sharp turn in the jungle.

She felt deep connection with the place. Suddenly she stopped at one particular point.

One friend noticed she was standing still far behind them and staring at a distant. He called her name, but no response. Curious other friends rushed back where she was standing to find out the reason.

One friend-

“What happend?? What are You Staring at?”


“I came here before too… I knew these place. 

Everyone startled by her reply as they all were visiting for the first time in their life including her. Famous for her mischievious behaviour in the group, they thought she was trying to scare.

One Of Her Friend-

“We know you Dear, Stop playing prank on us…(laughing) See.. we all got scared. Now lets move ahead???”

Suddenly,the look on her face changed. She turned and pointed on her left side,

“There…” She said and paused staring at the same spot.  Expressions on her face was stern, her deep lost eyes made them uncomfortable. They turned their gaze to the direction she was pointing. They saw nothing.

One Friend-

” What is there? We don’t see anything.

She Calmly Said, “I was murdered here at these place and buried behind that Big tree. My murderer kept a big stone above my grave and written 1st February, 1989. Today is the same date. Go and see yourself.”

Shocked and scared they all went behind the tree where she was pointing to check whatever she said was truth or cooked up story. To their horror, there was actually a big stone on which same date was painted. Slowly, she came towards them and kept staring at the stone. Few minutes later she looked at her friends frightened face and started laughed loudly. They kept staring her in horror.


“How was my performance my lovely  friends?” And laughed again. She continued,”Relax. It was just a prank. I came here when you all were walking ahead and saw these stone on which date was written. I cooked up the story and you all got fooled.”

Her scared now angry friends cursed her, but at the same time was relieved to see their friend alright. She apologised everyone for her scarry prank. Once normal they came on the straight lane and resumed their trek.

While moving ahead and enjoying with friends in light fun filled atmosphere, she glanced behind at the same spot. There was the same depth in her eyes with stern angry face.

She uttered to herself, “I will come back soon to take revenge of my murder. May be thats why we never shared good relationship.”

(With mysterious smile) “Dad… One trek with you next weekend at the same place.. Just.. You n Me.”

-Soul Connection

It Follows. (Daily Prompt- Avid)

The Errie Place.


He used to love travelling alone and exploring new places where usually nobody ventures. The silent atmosphere used to calm his mind and the peace to be away from the eyes of the peoples, admiring old abondaned sites gives him a thrill.

While surfing his laptop, One such destination caught his attention. He googled more about details of the place, its history and some more information. The place was challenging to visit as information says it’s not safe to venture at night due to spooky experiences experienced by locals and travellers. Being an avid explorer, he wanted to visit the place as soon as possible.

The day had finally came. Haunted places never scared him as he doesn’t believe in ghosts and spirits. He had visited many haunted sites in the past, but never had any spooky experiences. He reached the place past 4pm. The place was beautiful and the old structure had its own charm. It was the remains of an old big house. Beautiful trees surrounded the structure. Errie silence all over the place with random chirping of the birds and the sound of wind with no humans in sight. He started exploring the place, clicked some pictures, explored the backyard, forest and the old house from inside. He didn’t even realised it was getting dark. By the time he finished exploring the place, sun had already set and it was pitch dark.  Hurriedly he started trekking down towards the main road. While walking down the narrow lane in the dark with dense trees on both sides, the sound of crushing dry leaves under his shoes made him little nervous. The chilled air was unbearable. Atlast he reached main road where his car was parked. Exhausted he sat in the car and drove.

Next evening while checking out the pictures of the trip, he was shocked and scared to see a woman in almost every click staring at him. He was sure there was no one except himself. His head started spinning and felt the chill at the nape of his neck, same like he had felt inside that old house and while trekking down at night. Scared He took out his cell phone from the pocket and clicked a selfie. when he checked out the image, the same woman was standing behind him.

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