In the growing years, all through my schooling, my graduation years i had been hearing about True Love. A famous quote has been going all around my mind ” True Love is like a ghost, everyone talks about it but none has seen it”. It was all fun through these years Bollywood movies inspired me […]

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The Loss. (Daily Prompt-Meaningless)

But I truly Loved You….

“I am sorry I played with your emotions… I didn’t knew you will take extreme step in the life ever…”
He was pleading, tears flowing from his eyes, because he knew his words were meaningless now, as She had already left the world and He was the reason.

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Love Story(Daily Prompt- SLUR)

Hidden Love 


They were best friends since long. Always together hanging out, partying. He used to joke, “I Love You, You enjoy my company, we are best friends then lets get married and continue this life forever… fun and party . What say… ”  Her reaction was as always a Big Laugh.

Time passed by and a big day came in her life.. Her marriage. He was with her supporting her decision, joking, dancing and enjoying his best friend’s marriage.

When time came to bid good bye to his best friend, he hugged her with a broad smile congratulating her. When she turned to move ahead he slurred something in a low voice, “I LOVE YOU and wanted to be with you forever…”.  As always she was about to laugh on her best friend’s joke, she turned towards him. This time he was not joking.. he never was. Tears rolled down from his eyes and hers too.

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Love n’ Lust.(Daily Prompt- Juicy)

Waiting for Love


Waiting for the Love that stays with Me,

Not SomeOne who will Only Lusts for Me.

Looking for the One who will understand My heartBeats,

Not  Someone that will Only desire My Juicy Lips.

Waiting for the One who will Love My Heart n Soul,

Not SomeOne who think about Lust and nothing more.

Looking for Someone who stand by me in Darkest Hour,

Not for the One who will say It’s done and All Over.

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With You Forever…(Daily Prompt- SQUAT)

Let me be in your small world.



This valentine was special for him. Thinking about almost whole night he decided to go for it. Next morning he dressed up, purchased red roses, chocolates and the beautiful ring, then called her and asked to meet him .

Reluctantly she agreed and came at the decided place. Waiter helped her towards the reserved table. Few minutes later, he came with the roses and chocolates in his hands. Shocked, confused looking at him she sat there. With smiling face he came towards her, gave her roses and chocolates. Sitting in a squat position he tookout a beautiful ring and said, ” I know about your past and I don’t have any problem with that nor do I want to know more. I want to be in your present and future… now will you allow me to be part of your beautiful small world and stay there forever.” In his eyes she saw genuine love and respect for her. With smile on her lips and tears in her eyes she extended her hand towards him.

Single mother got a companion in her life… This time FOREVER.

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Mother Earth

Beautiful Paths in the arms of nature.

The trees, cool breeze and the bunches of flowers.

The lakes, ponds and the fresh green grass.

Smell of the wet Earth and plants with lovely dew drops,

All this sight makes us forget negative thoughts.

Chirpy birds and the music of wind and leaves,

Everything now in the heart as beautiful memories.

Slowly, steadily the beauty of the nature diminishing,

As nature made ways for concrete surroundings.

No one heard the Mother Earth’s  Pleading,

To stop polluting and No to trees cutting.

Before it’s too late listen to her cries,

Lets give her back what we had snatched.

The nature, the purity and the greenary,

By planting trees and restoring serene beauty.

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Like everyday He telephoned his wife who was waiting for him at home that, He will be late and she should not wait for him to have dinner and should go to sleep. Asusual he appologised and said he was extremely sad  for not being with her on their special day.

Few hours later, She dressed up, took car keys and drove towards the beautiful restaurant. The cosy ambience, wooden decorations, dark furnitures, candle light arrangements and soft music playing background that added more beauty to the restaurant. She looked around for a while standing at the entrance. The waiter guided her towards the empty table. She enjoyed a glass of wine.

After Few minutes she got up and went to the table where a couple was enjoying an intimate romantic candle lit dinner.  She tapped on the man’s shoulder. He turned around, With a beautiful smile on her face, she lovingly took his hand into hers and gave him the ring she was wearing. With the smiling face She said, “Happy Wedding Anniversary My Darling Husband. This is my gift to you.. A wedding ring that you put into my fingers few years back on this same day. Too much lies and fake promises. Now it’s time to set free.”

She walked away from there and one last time turned around, looked at him and said, LOVINGLY NOT YOURS ANYMORE. GOOD BYE FOREVER.

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SCENT OF LOVE. ( Daily Prompt- SCENT



Never knew Love will blossom..

In the garden of my Heart.

You are the only shining star..

In the darkness of my Path.

Never saw how you look ..

And I know will never be..

As I can sense your presence..

By the scent of your  Love..

That lingers Inside Me.

Between You n Me..

Is the Unusual Love Story..

That happened between two souls..

One with the Eyes Of Mind..

other with the Heart Of Gold.


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Since long she was waiting for this day. The day they both were eagerly waiting for.. to meet each other after couple of years. Due to work he had to leave the country for two long years.

Today was a special evening for the two lovers. Flowers in the hand and smile on her face, the beautiful lady was waiting to meet the love of her life. Happiness knew no boundaries when she saw him at the other end of the road. Waving at his lovely princess he came towards her  to hold her in his arms after a long time, but destiny planned something cruel.. a fast heavy vehicle knocked him down and crushed him under the wheels.

The world came crushing in front of her eyes. The beautiful smile replaced by the tears and grief. Her most happiest and awaiting moment turned into the the most devastating in a split of seconds.

Everything finished… the wait was over in a tragic way… this time the love of her life left her alone.. FOREVER.

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