My Little Wish.(Daily Prompt-Center)

Nothing Much I Need.


To My Lifeline,

I will Love to remain in one corner of your big world. The only thing I expect from You is the little Love, Care and Respect. I don’t care if you give less importance to me or my needs compare to others. I just want to be part of your Life. I don’t demand you to keep me as the center of the family or as the only important part of your life or I demand you to keep revolving around me most of the time leaving your important work aside. But I would Love to tell You that My life revolves around You n Only You. You are the only reason remained in my Life to whom I look up to and about whom I think when I get up in the morning and the only person I think before I sleep at night everytime.

I just want little Love, Care and Respect from You. Unlike a small place in your heart, I need a small space in your home too… So that I can see you everyday.

Your Old Dad.

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Love Story(Daily Prompt- SLUR)

Hidden Love 


They were best friends since long. Always together hanging out, partying. He used to joke, “I Love You, You enjoy my company, we are best friends then lets get married and continue this life forever… fun and party . What say… ”  Her reaction was as always a Big Laugh.

Time passed by and a big day came in her life.. Her marriage. He was with her supporting her decision, joking, dancing and enjoying his best friend’s marriage.

When time came to bid good bye to his best friend, he hugged her with a broad smile congratulating her. When she turned to move ahead he slurred something in a low voice, “I LOVE YOU and wanted to be with you forever…”.  As always she was about to laugh on her best friend’s joke, she turned towards him. This time he was not joking.. he never was. Tears rolled down from his eyes and hers too.

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A Secret World. (Daily Prompt- Hideout)

A Magical Land Of Peace.


I Wish to find a Secret World,

Almost like a Magic Land.

Lovely Flowers and Singing Birds,

World of Peace and Helping Hands.

Beautiful Fairies with Magic wands,

Spreading Love in the Cool Breeze.

A land of Love with No Hatred,

Where no one Knows the word Greed.

I wish I have My secret Place,

Away from this Selfish World.

Without Chaos and Coaster Rides,

A hideout like My dream Land.

A shelter that No one Knows,

Only Me, My Peace and My beautiful World.

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The Curious Case Of Visions. (Daily Prompt – BLUR)




Since childhood I have visions. Visions about strangers, faces, places. Earlier it was scarry as I used to wake up in the middle of the night, but now I am ok with it. Now I enjoy except some haunting and scarry dreams.

Repeatitive visions of myself wandering at the dark secluded places alone, walking in to the woods searching way out or sometimes chasing something other time someone chasing me… but when I wake up, i can’t recollect most of my dream except some blurry visions and the feeling that it had happened with me before or I had the same dream in the past. It’s like incomplete dream… i try to reach somewhere or for someone,  I wake up before my destination.

Most common dream that comes continuosly is the old house with dark rooms, alone m searching someone but when I open the door at the far corner of the house, exactly that time I open my eyes and it happens everytime. Its a common vision i have every other day. First I thought it’s just a mind game or random dreams m having, but few repeated dreams made me believe there might be some connections between these visions and my life.

I believe if it is related to my future, one day it will stop and if it’s connected with my past life, as I believe in rebirths and past connections, this blur visions will continue to fascinate me forever.

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Relationship. (Daily Prompt- Translate)



People loves to think or decode  actions according to their own benefits or the way they have decided to think or judge things, situations or peoples. Humans are selfish creature. You can see selfishness with the strangers, known peoples or with their own family and relatives for the profit. 

Some people genuinely misunderstand our words or actions and some pretend or link it to the negative way to hide their own wrongdoings or try to prove how they are always right and make us feel whatever happening with us, because of our own mistake or nature.  They don’t even care the damage their actions must have caused to the relationship.. slowly but surely it will break the bondings forever with their loved ones.

I believe sometimes it’s better to be silent then to argue or explain our side. If ever I have to go from such situation, I will prefer to be silent. I will explain once, twice, maximum thrice.. even after that if their is no change in their behaviour, i will allow them to translate my actions the way they wanted.  I can’t fight or think negative about my own peoples.  Its fine if they Speak negative, talk behind my back.. let them be if that benefits in whatever way. Let them hide things from me, i will neglect n will continue to behave as if i dnt know or i am unaware. if that gives them happiness, let them be happy.

I value relations more than actions. Even if it breaks my heart or cracks appear for a lifetime in the relationship, i will be happy with the fact that it was not from my side.

I Love my peoples even if they don’t.

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Love n’ Lust.(Daily Prompt- Juicy)

Waiting for Love


Waiting for the Love that stays with Me,

Not SomeOne who will Only Lusts for Me.

Looking for the One who will understand My heartBeats,

Not  Someone that will Only desire My Juicy Lips.

Waiting for the One who will Love My Heart n Soul,

Not SomeOne who think about Lust and nothing more.

Looking for Someone who stand by me in Darkest Hour,

Not for the One who will say It’s done and All Over.

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With You Forever…(Daily Prompt- SQUAT)

Let me be in your small world.



This valentine was special for him. Thinking about almost whole night he decided to go for it. Next morning he dressed up, purchased red roses, chocolates and the beautiful ring, then called her and asked to meet him .

Reluctantly she agreed and came at the decided place. Waiter helped her towards the reserved table. Few minutes later, he came with the roses and chocolates in his hands. Shocked, confused looking at him she sat there. With smiling face he came towards her, gave her roses and chocolates. Sitting in a squat position he tookout a beautiful ring and said, ” I know about your past and I don’t have any problem with that nor do I want to know more. I want to be in your present and future… now will you allow me to be part of your beautiful small world and stay there forever.” In his eyes she saw genuine love and respect for her. With smile on her lips and tears in her eyes she extended her hand towards him.

Single mother got a companion in her life… This time FOREVER.

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Nature. (Daily Prompt- SOUND)

The proof God exists.


The real magic and the proof that God exists is the Nature. During rains nature is amazing and  it is the best time to enjoy somewhere at the beautiful places, hilly areas or by going for trekking with friends or alone to admire nature’s beauty.  Even the Sounds of thunderstorms, with lightening and rains falling on trees, fresh leaves or on roofs and wet streets with greenary everywhere is so soothing for mind and eyes.

Rains the most beautiful and romantic season. The smell of the wet earth always brings back the memories of childhood and smile on the face. I still love to get wet in the rains. The cool breeze and the  fierce look of the sky with lightening in between the dark clouds and the sound of thundering still scares me.

Rains and childhood are inseparable. We all have childhood memories related to rains. They are the best among all the beautiful memories. While returning from school, the little storms, the lone wet streets, going home playing in the rains with friends, getting wet even after having umbrellas, the sound of thunders with  lightening used to scare us but still the enjoyment and fun to get wet with closed umbrellas never stopped. 

Scary and beauty the two beautiful combination something like, I know it’s danger but I can’t Avoid it too.


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To Do oR Not To Do.


The world survives on Hope. Everyone works hard, lives in harmony, loves each other for beautiful and better life. I believe one who says, ‘ I don’t expect anything from anyone in my life’ is the biggest liar.

 Expectations are natural. If I give you respect, I expect same from you. If I show respect to your decisions, words , I want you too do the same. Even if someone disagree with me in any way, I expect or we all expect it should be conveyed properly.

Except mother’s love or parent’s love everyone changes with time. Today somebody is good with you doesn’t mean they will be the same for lifetime. Dont keep wrong expectations from anyone. Yes some expectations are good to keep. Like parents expect their childrens to be a good humanbeing, to look after them, love them. To expect their children to be a better humanbeing is not something wrong.

Some people mix expectations and demand and that is wrong. People should understand difference between these two. We hear or read in news like someone got killed or murdered by somebody because their love proposals were denied or divorce happened because he/She was not as per expected. One can’t be forced to fall in love or one cannot expect peoples will change their likes, lifestyles because you want them to be like that.

Expect what is right but don’t demand. If you show respect , the same should be expected from that person…. that is correct. Express love, but expect the same feelings and to demand for positive answer that is wrong. You can’t force someone to fall in love with you. Understand the difference between Expectations and Demand.

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Everyday on my way I used to see a cheerful grandpaa sitting on the bench playing with the childrens and distributing sweets and candies. Childrens used to love him too much and the goodies puts smiles on the kids face.

One day  on my way I noticed the same cheerful  grandpaa was not like everyday…  Smiling face was replaced by seriousness. The frown lines appeared more promptly on his face. Kids too doesn’t seem to make him cheer today. I felt I should know the reason behind his sadness. I asked him what is the problem behind his sadness and is everything fine with him… what is the reason to be so serious and tensed that even lovely kids can’t bring smile on his face.

He turned towards me and then I noticed his moist eyes with lots of pain. My heart broke to see a cheerful grandpa in tears. He said I love these kids and they loves me back selflessly. Then why my own childrens can’t do that. I find the love in this little angels.. that too my kids can’t handle and they asked me to leave their place forever.


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