The Curious Case Of Visions. (Daily Prompt – BLUR)




Since childhood I have visions. Visions about strangers, faces, places. Earlier it was scarry as I used to wake up in the middle of the night, but now I am ok with it. Now I enjoy except some haunting and scarry dreams.

Repeatitive visions of myself wandering at the dark secluded places alone, walking in to the woods searching way out or sometimes chasing something other time someone chasing me… but when I wake up, i can’t recollect most of my dream except some blurry visions and the feeling that it had happened with me before or I had the same dream in the past. It’s like incomplete dream… i try to reach somewhere or for someone,  I wake up before my destination.

Most common dream that comes continuosly is the old house with dark rooms, alone m searching someone but when I open the door at the far corner of the house, exactly that time I open my eyes and it happens everytime. Its a common vision i have every other day. First I thought it’s just a mind game or random dreams m having, but few repeated dreams made me believe there might be some connections between these visions and my life.

I believe if it is related to my future, one day it will stop and if it’s connected with my past life, as I believe in rebirths and past connections, this blur visions will continue to fascinate me forever.

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