Until Next Birth. #Love




I Will Love You…


Now that I learn to be silent hiding feelings inside me..
I hope pain will subside eventually.
Now that my lips manage to smile though heart cries silent tears..
I hope no one will notice sadness I am going through.
Now that I accepted fate we are not made for each other though our love is true..
I pray next birth God will bring us together to never be apart n create our destiny as one.

-Soul Connection 

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday- Two Old Friends #SoCS

Via:- https://lindaghill.com/2017/10/06/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-oct-617/

Friday Prompt For Stream Of Consciousness Saturday is:Save/Safe. Use One Or Both.

… Now Don’t Wish Anything


Save Some Water For Further Journey. I think we still have to walk for hours to reach highway. This place is unknown and there’s no one insight… not even a single person… Only open space and Merciless Sun above.”

“This time our trip taught us a lesson. Gather information, read a lot about the place before planning a visit. M tired, thirsty and can’t walk anymore. All we have is half a bottle of water. We don’t even know we are heading in right direction or not. I Really Wish..”

“Shut up.. Don’t say anything. You first said what if our car breaksdown…. Minutes later our car broke down, then you said cellular will be of no use, exactly that happened, see no range… Now please SHUT UP.”

“Haha.. Sorry m laughing in these situation, but that was a co incidence friend. I just wanted to express my wish that dark clouds cover the harsh sun and save us from scorching heat with that rains that will help us to quench our thirst. Don’t you think Our journey will be lot easier in rains then heat… But tell me is that possible… Do you think my wish will turn into reality in this hot weather…. Noooo”

(Angry) “Yesss… Possible… Look..”

With that they heard loud thundering and saw black clouds gathering afar. Within minutes everything changed. They looked up, the sky was covered with dark clouds. He looked at his friend who was staring at him angrily. He looked up again, one big drop on his face and it started raining.

“Listen… I know you since last 50 years and in that 50 years many times your wishes had put my infact our life in danger. Actually It’s my fault that I end up planning road trips with you even after having so many life threatning experiences and still agreed for this road trip too…  Now only wish we two oldies reach home Safe.

-Soul Connection

Always In My Heart.(Daily Prompt-Abstract)

You Can’t Take Away My Memories.


I Still Remember The Day Our Eyes Met,

One Glance That Swept Away My Heart.

For Me It Was A Love At First Sight.

Those Sweet Talks, Long Walks Hand In Hand,

It’s Still Fresh In The Corner Of My Heart.

I Will Never Forget The Beautiful Moment,

Under The Stars, In The Moonlit Night.

Don’t Know What Went Wrong Between Us,

That Made You Forget  Everything

About Our Beautiful Days,

I Still Remember The Promises We Made,

To Be There For Each Other… Forever.

You Can Take Away Everything From Me,

But You Can’t Abstract Love n’ Sweet Memories,

That Resides Inside My Heart.

via Daily Prompt: Abstract

A Beautiful Wish.(Daily Prompt-Baby)

Let Me Feel The Love.



Kiss Me On My Womb,

Beautiful Sweet Angel.

Let Me Have The Feeling,

Of Life Inside Me Growing.

Let Me Feel That Tender Kicks,

From Those Two Little Feets.

Let Me Hold My Little Baby,

And Feel Those Soft  Soft Skin.

God Grant Me Blessings,

And Fulfill My Dream.

Let Everyone Know Me,

As The Mother And

The Complete Woman.

via Daily Prompt: Baby

Daily Prompt: Hopeful



2017…. A year of hope, love, success and peace… May Almighty bless us with all the happiness and smooth journey. A journey that unwinds with lots of surprises and dreams that turn into reality.

Really hopeful that this year will fulfill my dream.. A dream that is in my heart and wish this year will turn into reality.



via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

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