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When Night Falls I sleep with my head down…

Only to brighten up with your First Light.

The one who glance at me…

Feels happy with my only sight.


The world knows our Love Story…

That we will never ever meet…

But that doesn’t make me love you less.

That you are above and I grow on Earth..

 Everyone calls me  Sunflower

and that’s my lovely name.

The yellow Lane of Sunflowers

Favourite with the Lovers.

I witness every Phase of humans life..

Be it the First Love or Painful Heart Breaks.

I am there to greet for the First time

Or chosen to say Final good byes..

Be it Happy or Sad moments..

I am there with Everyone..



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OH LORD, Let the blessings of YOU be with us Forever…

Whenever we lose hope, You walk beside us.

Give us strength in our Pains and Sufferings.

You are the only one I trust in my journey.

I always try to keep everyone happy and content..

But in this journey I lost Myself and my desires.

I love to spread Peace, Love and Happiness…

Even after all the sacrifices I am branded powerless.

I give birth to new life, still the world consider us less.

OH LORD I Pray to You..

Filter the mind and thoughts of the world ..

Towards the woman of the universe.

Make them see the way we are

Strong, Powerful and the Creator of the Universe.

The one who binds the family

with Love, Peace and Care.

TEN LINES OF WISDOM. (Daily Prompt- Ten)


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SHHhhh… Be silent mind…

Wait till the midnight falls.

The thoughts and fights with the heart…

You continue in the privacy of the dark night.

Mind.. you always wants to win..

But you never understand

Heart is where my happiness lies.

Heart knows my Love is my Life..

You say, ‘Love is all Lies’.

You don’t care With your harsh words..

Tears flow every time from my eyes ..

In the privacy of the silent night.




The world is yours
The life is yours
Yours is the opportunities
Yours is the destiny.
Just go on and fulfill your dreams.
Make your life living worthy.
YOU are the woman
YOU are blessed with a golden heart.
YOU got the power and the blessings from Above.
YOU can take the pain and still manage to smile.
While stepping on the milestone,
Keep your heart filled with love and
Let that innocence inside you never die.
Hey woman you are precious and
Don’t let someone take charge of your life and your decisions.
Hey woman be the one you dreamt to be …
YOU are precious, so Shine like a diamond.


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Photo Challenge: Resilient.


The strength, the courage women tshows in trying period or  even after facing a difficult situation and the way she bounce back is commendable. Don’t understand why it’s said that women can’t handle pain the way men can. Yes she is sensitive, but not weak. She shed tears alot, but she knows when to stand rock solid and handle the situation. She is the strong pillar who holds the family together. She loves to spread smile and protect her lovedones and loves to live life carefree.
Today my post on Resilent is dedicated to all the women in the world. To the support system of these universe … This last post of the year 2016 is for you,  your strength,spirit and the way you bounce back from the problems. More power to you.







via Photo Challenge: Resilient

Daily Prompt: Ovation


My work takes me to lot of new places. I remember an incident that took place at one such tour recently. I was at the station  and my train got delayed for few hours, so I decided to sit in the waiting room. Few peoples were already there. I saw a man was abusing a lady. No one dared to stop him thinking it was their personal matter as they seemed to be husband and wife. The lady was embarrassed and scared and that man was continuosly abusing, threatening her and on the verge of raising hand. From few peoples present there , one  gentleman just got up and caught that man’s hand that was in the air to hit a woman. This action enraged that abusive man and he was about to start a fight but one tight slap from the same gentleman and he came to his senses.. scared by the action and unaware of facing such situation , he just left that place hurriedly. The lady thanked him and everyone present there clapped and gave a standing ovation to that gentleman.

Now whenever I see such incidents and if I think I could help them somehow , I intervine or call an emergency number and explain the matter to the police. It’s our society and it’s our duty to keep it safe.

I really wish peoples should come forward and help each other when they see untoward incidents happening or someone getting abused in public place. We need more such gentlemen  in our society. May be because of us someone’s life will be saved.


via Daily Prompt: Ovation


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HOUSEWIFE… A word many men wants to use less or never in their life.  I don’t understand why the term housewife is given less importance compared to working women. Is it like if a woman chose to be at home and to look after the members of her family, her place all by herself termed as less important than choosing a position in Companies?? Why do most husbands feel degraded introducing their wives in get together or any parties as a housewife.
It’s nothing like if she choose not to work outside at companies or in industries after marriage means she is less educated or doesn’t have skills etc etc… I will say those who choose to be a housewife actually chose a full time or 24/7 job. Yes some loves to do buisness from home simultaniously, but i think it’s totally a women’s call. They should have that independence to be a simply home maker or to do a buisness being at home.
It needs a lots of patience, attention and skills to look after everything and it’s a big responsibility to fulfill everyones needs, demands and women loves to do that. Men should understand that unknowingly or knowingly because of this housewives your life is moving smoothly personally as well as professionally.
Men  must have experienced that if one day their wife is ill or gone out for a couple of days, most of them can’t even find their kerchief or socks or say important files. Right??
I respect working women too and I agree they handles both home and office perfectly and i respect their passion. But there are few women who just love to give their 24hrs to the home or family they got married to and some loves to do job and even after that they knows their responsibilty after marriage. That’s the power women juggle between home and work perfectly.
My intension to write specifically about housewives is because I personally have seen many men feels awkward saying my wife don’t work or she is a housewife. That attitude brings women’s morale down .. sometimes they feel like they are wasting their talent or are less important compared to others. Even some men doesn’t take them for outing with friends or at professional get together even at parties.

Men should understand the importance of  their wives who chose to be a housewife and understand her sacrifices. They should feel proud that you got a woman in your life who chose you, your parents, your house over her carrer after marriage. Respect her decision. Feel proud to introduce her as a HOUSEWIFE.


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